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Grand Finale of Sinhala Singing Competition

Sinhala Singing Competition Finals of Lyceum Anuradhapura was held on 27th of May 2022. Finalists from Grade one to twelve took part in the competition grade wise. The final round of the competition was held in the school premises. The Sinhala Singing Competition was organized by the Events Department of Lyceum Anuradhapura together with the school Music Department. The main objective of the competition is to improve singing skills and musical abilities of the students, and to make them aware of the aesthetic value of Sinhala songs and Sinhala language. It is also a yet another opportunity presented for personality development of the students and to enhance their potential.

Grocery Store by LAN Pre-primary section

Spend your life with the people who make even going to the grocery store an adventure… Students of LAN Pre-Primary enjoyed an adventurous experience in Grocery shopping .Greeting the customer, making the customer happy, helping to choose the groceries, weighing fruits and veggies, collecting money, and returning the balance, WOW… The grocers seem to be so busy… Sweets, fruits, vegetables, toys, candies, stationeries …. Whole bunch of varieties to choose from in our grocery shop... couldn’t decide at once … our little customers were so excited… An exercise in practical life makes our little students more responsible and understand the nature of each profession and caring and understand the emotional well-being of everyone.

පුංච් අපේ කඩ මංඩිය

Almost everything is on sale at "පුංච් අපේ කඩ මංඩිය" The lil grocers of grade 1 enjoyed the event which enhanced their understanding of currency which is a basic Mathematical skill. Further more this session enabled the students to gain practical knowledge in trading with currency, while helping them to identify Rupees as the currency of Sri Lanka and idetifying coins and notes used in the country, practicing to calculate the total by adding two amounts and practising subtraction skills to find out the chang

Leaders Induction Ceremony at Lyceum International School Anuradhapura

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams Lyceum International School – Anuradhapura, held their annual Student Leaders Induction inspiring and granting the opportunity for students to be the best of the nation. Anyone can be a leader and the world definitely needs lots more good leaders! What is leadership? It is all around you and shows up in many ways. Leadership is one of the most important skills you can learn to be the best person you can be and make the world a better place. The great thing is, you have the opportunity to practice leadership every single day in your home, at school, in sports and everywhere in between.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations

Passing on tradition to the next generation as they are entitled to inherit a proud culture that goes beyond a history worth over 2500 years, Lyceum International School Anuradhapura proudly held the Avurudu celebration colourfully guiding little Lyceumers to uphold the Sri Lankan values and customs.

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