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Lyceum International School, Ratnapura was officially founded on 2nd January 2005, in a rented building at Batugedara, Ratnapura with just 200 students and 25 dedicated teachers. This landmark event in the Ratnapura educational landscape, took place in earnest request made to Dr. Mohan Lal Grero, by a group of parents in Ratnapura, who were desirous of providing their children an international level education in English medium. Establishing an international school to cater for this demand in Ratnapura 15 years ago, needed a large measure of foresight, determination and vision. We do not however define our success purely on academic results. It is important for us that every students is offered the opportunity to discover his/her talents through a comprehensive breadth of extra-curricular programmes, where students can shine in the field of sports, aesthetics and service leadership. Lyceum Ratnapura offers a diverse range of extra-curricular activities in which all students are encouraged to participate. Each child is different and one should offer students academic challenges that are deep and relevant. With experienced and dedicated teachers and state of the art infrastructure, our school is a centre of excellence to educate the child's whole being. The successful and progressive results not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities, re-affirm that we are striding in the right direction. Our constructivist philosophy of education is reflected in the design of our learning spaces such as modern laboratories, specialized rooms for computing, aesthetics, counselling and special needs. Our school premises incorporates excellent facilities including playgrounds, courts, a swimming pool, an auditorium and the Aoelian Hall which has the seating capacity of 1000. We have become quite adept as a society at nurturing our students' physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and to underpin the development of the whole person, we conduct multi religious programmes, motivational programmes and community projects. I am glad to have initiated several new projects since my assuming of duties as Principal in June 2019, which include helping slow learners, monitoring classroom management and enhancing exam performances. In this endeavour, I am assured of the corporation of my academic and administrative staff of around 250. The world is changing rapidly and new skills and insights are required for young people to thrive in the 2020s and beyond. With the support of my committed staff and helpful parents, my aim at Lyceum Ratnapura is to create learning environments which challenge, nurture and provoke our students to be the thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and contributors of tomorrow, while achieving our vision to produce global citizens who will reshape the future.

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