Vesak Religious Programme


Lyceum International School, Panadura. Vesak Dhamma Sermon : The School organises a Dhamma Sermon, inviting the Venerable Buddhist Clergy during the Vesak week. The students and the parents are invited to come to school clad in white and decent attire. * Boys in white National attire * Girls in white Lama-saree The students are given the opportunity to offer Pirikara to the Ven. Clergy. Amisha Pooja : The students bring fresh flowers arranged in baskets, joss-sticks, oil, wicks, etc. and light oil lamps and make the offerings at the shrine of Walana Buddha statue premises/ the shrine at the School premises, chanting Gathas, lead by the Ven. Clergy. Vesak lantern display and decorations : The School premises is decorated with the Vesak lanterns brought by the students. Those are illuminated with bulbs in the evening on the day of the Vesak Religious Programme, to be witnessed by the students and the parents. The bulbs and holders are sent by the parents.

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